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At the moment I feel like I need to be an information sponge. There is so much I need to learn to do my new job: new spaces to navigate; new names and faces to learn; new policies and procedures to implement; new tools and resources to trial and explore; new networks to build; and new skills and knowledge to develop.

Any tool that might help me to improve my current awareness, discover new resources, or perhaps network with colleagues in the Information Services field also sounds pretty relevant right now.

Theoretically Twitter and RSS should be excellent tools for this, but I must admit I’m a little hesitant. I’ve played with these tools a little in the past without really taking to them. I think the issue is finding the right people/bloggers/channels to subscribe too, and perhaps the right number so as to keep enough info coming in to make it worthwhile, but not so much that it becomes overwhelming. I’ve just set up my new Twitter account and subscribed to a few different library feeds. I’ll try to use these tools for a while, and hopefully, I’ll find ways to employ them usefully… But there is so much new information for me to process right now that this process may take a little time, and a fair bit of tweaking.

In the immediate future I suspect that my new colleagues and the Q drive will remain my favoured sources of new information. But perhaps in a week or two, I’ll find a bit more brain space for the feeds and the tweets.