I made the mistake of trying to download an e-audio book from Clipper on Friday the 13th. Aaargh, what a nightmare!!! The site was slow and very confusing, and although I tried to follow the instructions carefully it took several attempts to get the software successfully downloaded. I also found it very annoying that as a Mac user I had to enter my credit cards details to create an Apple-ID account so that I could download the appropriate free software (some might argue this is Apple’s fault, but is this software really necessary? Bolinda make their audio downloads work without it). Initially I found the process so frustrating that I gave up for the day, deciding to return when I’d had the chance to calm down and stopped muttering things like “One click!?! What do you mean one click? More like fifty clicks and a nervous breakdown…”

I was heartened today by my experience with Bolinda. Logging in was simple, and navigating the site was too. I discovered that using the Advanced Search function allowed me browse by genre, which helped me to quickly pick out Judith Lucy’s Lucy Family Alphabet from the comedy section. A few simple clicks later, and within five minutes or so, the whole book was downloaded and I was listening to the first chapter. Excellent!

So I decided to brave Clipper again. I clicked on the icon for One Click Digital which now appears on my desktop, ready to log in. “Select your user profile” it says above a box with a drop down menu which is entirely blank. “Hmmm, hopefully this is a minor glitch”, I thought. I typed in the username and password I set up last week, and it took me to the next screen: “Select the library”. Options included the State Library of Kansas and the Albuquerque Public Library, but MVLS was nowhere to be seen. Drat. Returning to the start, I tried entering my library card and pin combo, only to get this message: “Your username is incorrect or you are not affiliated with any libraries.” Once again, I’ve had my fill of Clipper for the day.

I will give Clipper’s One-Click-Digital another go. I actually do want to listen to the book I’ve picked out (Mike Gayle’s The To-Do List), and hopefully it will be third time lucky. But, if I didn’t work for a library I would have given up on Clipper long ago. I do like the Clipper range, but using the Bolinda e-audio books is so much easier.