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Minutes.io strikes me as an extremely handy tool for quickly capturing the minutes of meetings, and for being able to easily send them out to everyone who needs them. As an added bonus, the layout and design of the site is not only intuitive, it is also elegant. I don’t think this online tool should be used to record minutes of meetings dealing with sensitive or confidential information, but where this is not an issue I would favour using minutes.io at meetings very regularly.

Minutes from an imaginary meeting

Minutes.io minimizes the time the minute taker needs to spend jotting down notes during a meeting, allowing more participation, and it saves time on needing to retype notes later. Perhaps best of all, I suspect this tool would allow minutes to be distributed soon after meetings occur, rather than days or weeks later when the minute taker has finally found the time.

I just wish that minute.io also had an agenda generating function. This would make agenda creation and sending super simple, plus the agenda could pre-populate the appropriate fields in the minutes for the related meeting. That would save even more time. Maybe in their next upgrade… Anyway, for now I certainly intend to use minutes.io anytime I’m designated to be minute taker.