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Google Docs is extremely useful, particularly if you often need to work at different computers and don’t want to risk forgetting your USB drive somewhere. I’ve used and recommended Google Docs many times before for word processing and spreadsheets, so this time I decided to have a play with something new. First I tried the drawing component, but that was pretty poor, so then I used the forms function, which could be useful. I like that it compiles the answers and statistics, so it could be an alternative to good ol’ Survey Monkey.

Great as their products can be, I do find Google annoying though. For example, I found it frustrating to be prompted to sign up for Google+ while I was experimenting with Google Forms. If I want Google+ I will go googling for Google+. In particular I objected to the 3 step sign-up process for Google+ that they were pushing which culminated in “Be Awesome”. Just annoying, frankly.