At work, I believe Pinterest could be a wonderful tool for creating visually appealing Library Lists, (as several libraries are already doing), listing Staff Picks, showcasing Events and Local History photos and the like. I’d love to add a Pin It button to all the PCs at the front desk so that we could compile a board of Library Reader Recommendations as we hear them from our borrowers. We could also create suggestion lists, such as Best Aussie Novels, Great Books for Sporty Kids or Suggested Reads for Hunger Games Fans. It could be fun to pick a different topic each week or month and have all staff contribute to the pin-fest. Also for the reference collection I’d like to compile a board of Top Reference Resources using images to give an idea of what is inside our various reference books, databases and other online resources. As with many of these Web2.0 thingies, I have just two wishes; 1 – to be able to simply connect the tool to catalogue records, and 2 – for many more hours (or at least minutes) in every day.

Having mentioned how useful Pinterest might be, I also have to note that Pinterest is potentially dangerous, particularly at a personal level. So many pretty things to look at and click on; so much time which could be accidentally pinterested away. And Pinterest shows me so many pretty or appealings things I don’t want to want to buy. Pretty as they are, perhaps it is best if I never see them in the first place? Perhaps it would be best if I never log on to pinterest again?

I will hang onto my Pinterest account, because I do find it very handy to be able to pin images from the net onto my categorized boards for future reference, and occassionally it might even be handy for keeping track of work related net research. I will promise myself to keep my browsing sessions short and remind myself that it is good that world is full of pretty things, but that owning them is not so very important.

PS. I’m not going to say much about Juxtapost because I found it boring.