Eek, what a crazy four and a half months that was! What have I learned so far? Where do I even begin!?!

Suffice to say that at some point the steep learning curve that I expected morphed into a roller-coaster spiral. I’m still kind of reeling, but I’ve certainly learned a lot.

In all honesty I haven’t had a lot of head space free for Web2.0 tools lately, but I think there are tools we’ve looked at that I will come back to when I can find the time. My favourite Web2.0 things from the refresher were Pinterest which I find dangerously addictive, Good Reads and iGoogle (which I was already devoted to and will miss when it is retired).

The biggest web-related revelation for me during this program has been a very unexpected one. I’ve realized how many websites, tools, databases, blogs and the like become extremely difficult to use if you happen to suffer from photophobia. This has prompted me to wonder how many people struggle to access information or library services online due to any kind of health or disability issue, and to ponder what we can do make sure the information and services we provide are as widely accessible as possible. So my own temporary experience of this has subtly altered my understanding of the digital divide.

For me the biggest disappointment of this course was that there was not more interaction between bloggers completing the refresher. I think because there is so much change in our organization at the moment, so much furiously happening, there hasn’t been time for people to devote much time to their Web2.0 explorations or to engaging a great deal with each others blogs. And personally I’m disappointed that I still can’t match up many of my colleagues to their blogs.

All together I still have a lot more to learn about my job, the workplace, the organization and these mysterious but likable people I work with, but still I feel as though my first chapter in this job is drawing to a close, (phew). This final blog post is a marker for me, marking the end of Phase 1: Chaos and Challenging Change. So, I’d like to think tomorrow heralds the start of a new era for me in the workplace – Phase 2: Confidence, Competence and Control. Well, that’s what I’ll aim for anyway…